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Member: sanjoyburan
Since 05-18-2007
Durgapur, West Bengal(INDIA)
India 713201

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painting represent endless beuty & thinking.Their is no matter of timing, subjact whatever.I am doing painting Oil on can vas, Water colour on paper/canvas, Acrylic on paper/canvas.

I m totally shelf educated younger contemporary artist. From the child hood I am trying to create something. There r different type of artistic value, with different isms. There are different angle of meaning full ideas & thoughts , wondering, many more. Personally, I like to do something different ideas which jenerelly comming from my subconscious mind, which is spontenious reflact of creativity.
Shortly I can explain, that was mostly inspired by my family, to do continue, that was not very easy, even now. But want to say about some great artist here in India and abroad, who are all ways responsible for getting me inspired. One of the great US based artist Mr. Jones Tierney, I really want to thanks lots of, for that moment, when I was confused my shelf .Finally I revive from this situation, came in touch with Mr. JHON TIERNEY.
Fundamentally, & personally i would like to say my shelf "self educated"(with the help of some great artist). I m living in a industrial belt, durgapur , Wset Bengal, India. And trying to continue. I am saying that kind of, doing continue, in sense ---my creative environment wasn't in my favour, almost even in present. Matter about related support, and freedom!!!??? ( Here would like to say, every day I m getting challenge life and death situation, why???? I don't want to explain here in this short article, if I will alive anyhow some time I will do described all the details, if getting chance). And really don't want to be disappointed to any good personality during reading.
Yes this is totally personal matter, but, think personally I like to do which I love to create. Questions are here?????
Basically I finished my basic Lerner period in very early age , and discovered one truth, the meaning of creativity!!!! One of great skilled artist, my teacher, Mr. Abhijit Adhikari, died in front of my eye ,( Here that will be true to say he subsidised himself..!!).before few minutes of her death, continuously he advised, to do continue creativity strongly. Really that was very very shoking day for me, and would like to say, another most of shaking day was my father death in my early age. Another very vital advice of my father (Let- Mr. Shyam Sundar Rakshit)provided me before her death, lying in hospital bed, always try to do , which u want to do for ever.
From this lesson , I decided to do continue my creativity. During this journey I am doing experiment, different style & method with defferent form, color, texture and value.
"There was only innocent feelings, wondering, happiness and potentiality to do".

Creativity is the fundamental essence of engzyty!! Comming from blessing, & spirit .Here need to realisation. I realise nature is the almost topmost creators, where change is the nature of law. There changing is going on time to time with through every step. I am aiming depicting rhythm & energy through my creativity. Here i always trying to develop my own style & sense.
My favourite medium Acrylic, but I like to do water color, oil,mix,pencil, dry pastels, etc.

Finally, I also challenge to repurpose Abstract impressionism in fine Art, with different methods, texture & thought. I hope to extend legacy with a lyricism & spontaneity to the complexities of cosmopolitan, contemporary art world. And honestly I wondered after getting prepared new another piece of painting.

○BA. Burdwan University.
○Diploma in computer application.
○Diploma in painting. (Bangiya Sangeet Parishad).

■ Solo exhibition at Durgapur. Public place-1993.
■ perticipated in a group exhibition ,( Durgapur information centre-1996).
■ perticipated in District exhibition 2002.
■ Perticipated in pottery workshop , Abhibyakti Chander, Bankura, organised by Eastern regional cultural centre.
■ perticipated in workshop, Org. By West Bengal Gov.City Centre, Durgapur ( Sidhukanu indoor stadium. )
■ Perticipated Annual Art Fair, city centre Durgapur , since 2003--2005.
■ Perticipated Annual exhibition, Srijani Art Gallery, Burdwan, since 2003--2004.
■ Exhibited painting at panagarh Auditorium.
■ Perticipated exhibition cum workshop, Alstom Auditorium, 2004
■ Selected Eastern regional master art exhibition in Patna Art and Craft University, Org. by Camlin Ltd. Mumbai.
■ Exhibited painting, in Saatchi Museum ( LONDON), selected Saatchiarts screen showcase.
☆AWARD □ Durgapur respect by Nikhil Banga sahittya parishad.

Collections: INDIA & abroad.
Reviuse:Indian leading news paper.Like Telegraph,Statsmans,Times of india,Daynic Jagaran,Aajkal, Sambad,Hindusthan,Etc.And reviuse different National ellectronics media,& online media from CALLIFORNIA.

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